This is the first international debut of a technology recognized by bestselling author and What the Bleep celebrity, Dr. Masaru Emoto.  In his book, “The True Power of Water” (p.124) he states:

“If this new system becomes popular, music therapy would be able to make a quantum leap, because the sound with the most suitable information can be delivered to our individual cells…Mr. Lloy developed software capable of creating a suitable sound after having a person vocalize for fifteen seconds…I tried it myself….As I was exhausted after overseas travel and I was also quite busy writing, I had very stiff shoulders with some pain.  After listening to the sound created by the software for 30 minutes, the stiffness in my shoulders suddenly disappeared.”


In this experiential journey with Bill Little you will participate in a group experience of Sacred Scalar Energy as a method of Energetic Stress Release and Pain Management.  The VAHS (Voice Analysis Hydration System) Technology will be demonstrated by analyzing a group voice sample, creating the frequencies that will balance and harmonize the group energy, and then listening to the custom frequencies.  Sacred Scalarwave Structured Water will be imprinted with the group frequencies. The water will be mixed with distilled water and shared with the participants.  



Got Stress? How to Return to Bliss the Effortless Way….The Path to Freedom: …


What’s in Your Voice Is In Your Life :


The leading premise of the VAHS technology is that every human voice has a unique frequency which is measurable.  The voice reveals the stresses and strains that block harmonious living. Sacred Scalarwave Technology is not electromagnetic energy.  The construction of the cancelling coils reverse energy creating a sucking hold which is drawn off, pulled out and released into the electrical grid.  This creates a reduction in the resistance.  Sacred Scalarwave Energy then removes or sucks out the negative or lower vibrational energy. In essence, it is like a powerful cosmic vacuum cleaner on the physical and the etheric realms.


Stress release and pain reduction are the most obvious changes that are observed.  On a deeper emotional level, when one experiences freedom from these stresses, an immediate sense of relief, freedom and expansion follow.  In the words of her Holiness Sai Maa, a recognized Indian female saint, the “Sacred Scalarwave technology is capable of removing the blocks from the subconscious.”  Shedding pounds of emotional baggage in an instant is what the VAHS accomplishes with laser-like efficiency.  It is truly a tool of the golden age in that it is built entirely on the new paradigm of vibration.

Those participants / registrants of this workshop will receive a 10% discount on a personal VAHS session. VAHS sessions will be conducted at the booth during the expo and for a limited number of days in the next week.


About the Facilitator:  Bill Little


Living Unconditional Love is the core driving force for Bill's life journey. He is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach and certified BioFeedback Specialist. He is grateful for the opportunity to own and operate Just4Me Energetics near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. "I am truly grateful and honored to be associated with Bob and Helena as we bring these life changing systems to the world and Canada. "



About the team:


Robert Lloy invented Scalarwave Technology in the 1970’s.   Along with his partner Helena Reilly, they have co-created the above mentioned sacred scalar technologies and structured waters.  Dr. Emoto created the EmLloy Sacred Scalar Structured Water partnership and label to bring a high quality hexagonal water to the world.   

Velkommen til hjemmesiden vår

Introducing the

Protection Cube


  With your permission, could I ask you a few simple questions?  I don’t want to be too personal so keep the answers to yourself.


1.       If I could show you a simple way to remove stress and bring peace and positive energy into your home, office and relationships, would that be of interest to you?


2.       If you were able to release whatever keeps you from experiencing peace and prosperity without a lot of struggle, would you choose to do so?


3.       If you could eliminate worry, stress, insecurity and misery instantly and manifest whatever you desire in life, would you choose to explore this opportunity?


4.       Do you deserve to experience joy and happiness today?


5.       If you could reach a state where you could love yourself and your family more fully while feeling more alive, would you choose to do so?


6.       Would you like to experience the exhilaration of self love and gratitude constantly?


7.       Would you be interested in what I had to say if I could save you time and money?



Of course you would.  You are not alone.  Everyone wants this, if you could believe this were possible.  But didn’t your mother always tell you if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  If you answered yes, to more than one of the above questions, I would like to meet you.  There are many like you.


Let me share their story with you….these people thought the same thing at first….


Christmas 2009 was a very emotional time for my family.  Faced with the loss of  my husband’s father on December 20th and the funeral on the 23rd was traumatic for us.  My husband would usually choose between drugs and alcohol to deal with his loss.  The first week of the arrival of our rental Protection Cube, I noticed a huge calmness come over our household with immediate effects on my husband, daughter and even our 2 cats and dog.  Upon running the cube for one week, my husband confided that he had lost the urge to consume alcohol and smoke.  Several weeks later I discovered that I had the ability to be happy, centered, focused, grounded and content with my life and path.  Joan of Regina Beach, SK


I rented the PC to reduce or stop my daughter Ella’s nightmares and the traumatizing effect they had, and to help her fall asleep more easily.  Although Ella awoke three times in a row, she was feeling “sad” not scared.  This is a significant change in emotion.  She was no longer feeling scared by “monsters” and was able to be left on her own to read books at bedtime.  She wants to snuggle in bed in the mornings and is cuddlier.  Overall, Ella seems to be a happier less fearful child now.  Elita Paterson, Regina, SK


My father had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago.  I believe this cube, along with Indigo water will be exactly what he needs to repair.  Corinne Johnson, Regina, Saskatchewan


After I set up the PC in my home, my six month old baby’s nightmares completely stopped and have not returned.  I have decided to purchase the VAHS and now the VAHS-Rejuvenation Cube.  Emmanuel Goldstein, France


Life is about choice.  You can choose to remain where you are today or you can choose to create a new reality.


If you answered yes to any of the above please stop by our booth, lecture or workshop to register for the drawing for the free Protection Cube .  We will give one Protection Cube away.


There is no obligation. 


Caution:  This technology is not for everyone.  It is for those who are sharp enough to remember what they have been asking the universe for, and intuitive enough to allow the universe to show them the path. 




Warning: This may be hazardous to your misery.

Velkommen til hjemmesiden vår

Introducing the

VAHS Rejuvenation Tube

 (Voice Activated Hydration System )

Doorway to Regeneration


Do you choose peace or drama?

Your voice is the doorway to mapping your signature frequency and composing harmonizing frequencies to release non-beneficial emotion.  These new frequencies act as a tuning fork .  By mapping the voice frequencies, we are presenting you with a new option….to choose peace simply by raising your vibratory rate.  The doorway to peace is through the frequencies in your voice.  Your voice is the most accurate way to measure your vibration to compose the personal symphony of your balancing frequencies.   It can help you to move to a place of clarity and harmony while effortlessly releasing the blockages to unfolding your potential.

Awakening our bodies to greater possibilities of vibration may be viewed as a double-edged gift—-as emotions are released it is not uncommon for forgotten and some times painful memories to surface.  The higher vibration of experience with the VAHS-Rejuvenation Tube will facilitate the quick release of these stored memories allowing you to raise your vibration in a seemingly effortless manner.  After a 72 hour period you are likely to find yourself feeling greater joy and bliss.  As this is your natural birthright, you may not even notice the shift however you, your friends, co-workers and family will be pleased.  This 45 minute session may transform your life….


What’s In Your Voice Is In Your Life


“Our bodies, as a whole, radiate a characteristic or signature frequency...the composite of all cellular assemblages within.” Gregg  Braden


To learn through disease in the body is simply a choice…..Please use the gift of your life wisely.  Greg Braden, “Awakening to Zero Point”

What the experts are saying…


In “The True Power of Water” bestselling author and What The Bleep celebrity, Dr. Masaru Emoto refers to this groundbreaking technology:

“If this new system becomes popular, music therapy would be able to make a quantum leap, because the sound with the most suitable information can be delivered to our individual cells...Mr. Lloy developed software capable of creating a suitable sound after having a person vocalize for fifteen seconds...I tried it myself.  As I was exhausted from overseas travel and I was also quite busy writing, I had very stiff shoulders with some pain.  After listening to the sound created by the software for 30 minutes, the stiffness in my shoulders suddenly disappeared.”  Dr. Masaru Emoto, The True Power of Water, p. 124

“This sacred scalar technology is a profound empowerment device capable of removing deep blocks from the subconscious.”  Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, founder of Humanity In Unity

“The VAHS worked efficiently to remove deep pain and fear.  I reconciled with my husband and started living a life of joy and peace.  Chris Lanza, Massage Therapist

I’m not saying that VAHS system is the automatic answer to every problem in the world, just an elegant response to a lot of them! Cheri Burton, Therpist


What people are saying...


It was like a miracle for me.  I used to always be worried and fearful.  After a few VAHS sessions, this totally vanished.  Henrik Cervin


I started getting along with my wife and children years of disharmony.  John Ryan


This was the quickest least painful therapy ever. It dealt with my stuff like a psychic drill...releasing it and making me feel free again.  I will never be in the same old rut.  I feel reborn again. Finally something that works.  I can sleep at night again. Sue Goldstein



Warning: This may be hazardous to your misery.